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Sizing Suggestions

Before you order, there are some things to consider...

LENGTH: Since our containment curtains are a modular system, the length is never a restriction. If you originally order a set for a 30’ boat, a few more panels can zip and clip onto your current setup to contain a 60’ boat or more. When you are deciding on the length of your order, you may want to consider any upcoming projects of different sizes and let us know. We can be of assistance, setting up your system to work on all the vessels you will need to contain.

HEIGHT: The limiting factor for our modular curtain system is the height. When sizing your set, you want to consider the maximum height you will need, from the ground to the deck. Our curtains adjust to any height shorter than the maximum reach. For example, curtains made for a sailboat deck height of 20’ from the ground, the same curtains can be used on a powerboat that’s only 8’ off the ground. The determining factor when choosing a height will be the tallest vessel you will need to contain. Again, consider any future boats you may work on and the height they will be and order your setup to fit the largest application.

YARDS & BOATWORKERS: Customers who work on many different sized vessels over the course of each year should ask us about our multi-sized kits. These kits are made up of various length panels. They assemble into a combination of different lengths to contain many different sizes of boats. We will make sure your kit is just right for your projects. We can customize orders to fit your needs.

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