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How the System Works

Bad Dust containment curtains are a positive pressurized containment system specifically designed for use on sail, power and commercial boats of any shape and size.

Each system is composed of various panels that attach together to create a curtain that will work on boats anywhere from 10 feet all the way up to 200 feet and beyond, making them ideal for a wide variety of projects of any size and shape.

The rope ties on the curtains fasten to the hardware or stanchions on the deck, starting at the bow and working back to the stern, suspending the curtains at the proper height along the topsides to ensure the sealing flap is positioned just above the waterline. The curtains drape down alongside of the boat and to the ground. The bottom of the curtains is secured under the metal poppets. The sealing flap is then taped or rolled onto the boat bottom where the waterline meets the topside, providing an air-tight seal around the vessel and containing the entire job.

The system is then pressurized using a variable-speed electric blower and vented air is de-contaminated through particle filters before exiting the curtains or through a dust collection box. The intake air that pressurizes the system creates a centrifugal air current inside the curtains, drawing dust toward the curtain walls and finally to the floor and out of the air, keeping your work environment relatively clear. Personal protection equipment is necessary while performing maintenance projects inside the curtain system.

The curtain system is very easy and reasonably fast to assemble, relative to the size of the boat. Removal is even faster. This system allows more time to focus on the job itself and a cleaner working environment that ensures the best finish possible for the completed project.

marine canvas containment systemplacing working canvas onto ship