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Purpose for Positive Containment Curtains

Bad Dust® containment curtains are a clean, modular, user-friendly, and environmentally protective system. They are an invaluable tool for stripping and refinishing boat bottoms on location.

From 10 feet to 200 feet and more, our containment system is designed for use on power, sail and commercial boats and provides a clean, enclosed working environment that will see a craft's bottom from a stripped, bare hull, through the fairing process, right up to the finish coat. These curtains will keep the polluting dust from escaping and contaminating the air, ground, water and surrounding boats.

Our curtains are made with a rugged, ballistic nylon fabric that will hold up to the abuse from media-blasting, commonly used for stripping bottoms. These curtains are designed to last many years of use.

Working on boat bottoms can be an uncomfortable job, compounded by the difficulty performing this task outdoors in the wind and weather. Utilizing the positive air flow system, heat can be added to warm up the work area under the curtains during cold , inclement temperatures. The top portion of the curtains is white and will allow ample natural light.

Our curtains provide a clean and controlled environment for the repair and maintenance of boat bottoms and containment of debris that might result, in almost any weather or climate.

Purpose of Containment Curtains/CanvasMaintenance of our green Containment Systems