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Bad Dust® Positive Containment Bags

Our Positive Containment Bags are a critical implement to anyone who needs to contain their maintenance or restoration projects involving activities such as media-blasting, sanding and painting.

Bad Dust® Containment Bags work as well inside buildings as out, designed to keep the surrounding environment clean. This product is an invaluable and affordable tool for the individual automotive restoration hobbyist to the commercial auto body shops where more than one project can be worked on in the same location, simultaneously.

These containment bags work with a positive air flow system which eliminates any framework. There are many different variations of this bag system available. One system can be suspended from the ceiling of a building with zippered doorways wide enough to accommodate movement of articles or vehicles in or out of the bag without having to move the location of the containment system. They can also be designed to be free standing and are pulled over your project, then secured to accommodate the positive airflow. This is an uncomplicated system with quick assembly and clean up times.

There are endless applications for both our Positive Containment Bags and Curtains, from railroad cars to exterior sides of buildings. Both the bags and curtains are made from tough, ballistic Nylon fabric and assembled in our shop in East Haddam, Ct. Contact us for quotes to customize your Bad Dust® Positive Containment Systems for any of your restoration projects, no matter how big or small.

Purpose of Containment Curtains/CanvasMaintenance of our green Containment Systems